Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Anyone of you may get bored on daily routine activities. Day to day or week to week seems the same for anything around. Then getting bored may be human life character that mostly we are facing today. Some advices come to us that we may create our alternative activities. For those who are still being students some extra activities may be the solution. Whether it is sport, art, dancing or clubbing seems more popular recently. Some schools are now offering kind of extracurricular may fulfils students need. Some others even have more variant of activities like outbound or traveling.

How about some workers around whether they are in office or manufacture. It may be the same that routine job will born bored-feeling. Let’s have a look at manufacture where people do same thing time to time. Not to mention for years, just few months will impact people get quite bored. If there are no other optional activities then we may imagine how high level of this boring thing. That is why some company release policy of five working days a week. It is equivalent to government regulation that labor may be occupied for forty hours a week or eight hours a day.

Then what kind of occasion thing they do on their waste time. Some people may have side business and some other may have joint productive activities. Whatever it do in shortly people need thing different to compensate their routine job. Moreover in office there will be some facilities available to utilize. There is internet in our computer, sport or fitness in gymnasium or just relaxing in other places. So, it is more common today that people working in office will often go some where on their busy time fulfilling the need. It is no matter that they may go outside after working hours or even at night. Derivative businesses that may arise around offices much more exist recently.

There now some restaurant, sport center, or convenient places where people may spend theirs beyond working time. It is similar to my office situation that some entertainment places now much offering. Just to mention like gymnasium, restaurant or just massage place. It is natural to understand how it will be boring without relaxing as a way out. Human life may be short or human stress may increase as getting bored nearly explodes.

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