Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Do you have ever had intention to write but it is blank on your mind. Yes sometimes so, And right now I have totally now idea about what to write down. But I am eager to try writing even nothing on my mind. Today not much I have to do with my main job unless little briefing and little type on my computer. Even I have time to spend my rest time with some colleague upstairs. We talk any topics from job to anything else matter. And in the lunch time we order to office boy to buy our lunch and enjoy together our menu like rice, vegetables, some fried-eggs and little others. Hmm this lunch feel good even the things are quite common.

After lunch with stomach are full then we take a pray and followed by discussing little job. We just supervise some other job implementing on the floor upstairs and much more to spend relax time. Due to any other thing to do then I am trying to read some hobbies in the internet. I search some advertising and some light articles. Then it is arise in my think to write on my blogs and I find it blank on my head.

So what else I should type now, hmmm maybe about end of day. This is supposed such heavy topics I think but let us see. From certain source I have been read that next hundred and sixty years the end of day shall be coming. So it is based on the prediction of wise man. All of you may not believe or some other may believe. Any religion probably teach us that end of day surely will be coming, because this world is only a moment.

Relevant to this opinion we may think that water also will be run out someday, isn’t it. If today we may drink any much water we want but next ten or twenty years water might be run out and we may not drink as we need. It is very scares of imagining but that is the fact. And this earth / globe is also consists f some layers that derived from fire in the center of this globe then very hot land or mud. Actually the surface of this land only very thin compares to overall size. Someday the center of fire getting hotter and hotter and may explode this exciting place.

Our universal also consists of some planet and stars in which some day will occur crash among the planet. It is still any other part of this universal that if we think even logically it may not last forever. That is why the end of the day not such utopia but realistic. So are all of you ready to face this judgment day or we still exploit this source as much as we need. So are you already doing some good thing to human kind and to the earth. If you think that all of big thing around us are really just a moment thing then prepare at your best before end of day real coming and end up all the things.

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