Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Driving Environment

Have you ever driven car in big city like Jakarta. If so, then what kind of comment or experience of yours about the traffics. Have you heard that driving in Jakarta represent one of the wildest environment ever. Why not, if you are facing such traffic in a mass or cars overlapping everywhere across the street. Yes the behavior of common driver in this city are really bad – not to mention worse. What kind of traffic signals that no compromise obeyed on every other countries, in facts are not done properly here.

If you see white straight lines mean you are not allowed to cross, but still it often crossed anyway. In every freeway there is one space in the bank functioning for emergency. If there are ambulances or police car having emergency matter then they drive away on it. But this part of freeway always driven through by any cars except there is a police patrol.

In this country everything must be supervised by state officer or some incident of law breaking instead. Another simple one in the stopping lamps often cars stand crossing the lines. In addition there are more bicycles spread away around the street and stand everywhere. Bicycles are usually act worse by instance of taking another part of street. Talking about bicycle will not end up in short. It needs another discussion.

There was a manager coming from Singapore and he tries driving himself around the city. What he finally comment is driving in the City need high braveness and patient behavior unless you are going to fell stress and under-pressured. That is why from more population of expatriate working in Jakarta only little of them may drive themselves. The most rest of them need to hire local driver and just sleep along the way rather than thinking the complicated street running.

I myself have no experience driving aboard except in some Asian Country. I think Malaysia and Singapore have rather smooth way of driving. Despite the traffic is more rule minded condition of street is better as well. Moreover behavior of most drivers are better.

I think the point of driving problem on the street is behavior and awareness of traffic rule. If every car in normal queues as street sign then every driver will feel comfort and patience to face the jam. The traffic will automatically run well and under control. On the other hand if everybody races to break the sign of traffic then it creates a war in the street. Consequently people become panic and behave terror each other.

Police and officer need to straightly force the law in the street. No compromise or no exceptions may apply to all drivers. Whoever breaking the rule must be stop and punish. The longer complicated situation happen the more difficult to solve the problem. It is better late than never.

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