Friday, November 03, 2006

And just a story,,,

What we are having now sometimes still not we accept. As human being we are always not enough of everything given. When you still able to sleep well at your convenience mattress or when you may choose any food you want are indicating you are quite rich. Often what we already had likely home, cars, land, savings, bond, stocks or everything seems not satisfy us. Until you compare or realize that there is even more other person do not have even just their own home. They even still rent the home and always in shortage of money to buy just food.

So some religions always teach us that please accept and thank anything given to you before everything gone from you. If you still have food for today you are such lucky person in the world since there are many others being in hungry.

A friend of mine recently came to my place for the thing. He is 54 years old and has two sons that study in high school and university. His job first was smooth and he got good payment. He is already twelve years on his job. His company first had many employments and running well. This is operating for years until recently business getting tight and complicated. To get just little order is such hard thing to reach. Company surely runs down and its finance getting worse. Some effort already done and seem not show well return.

At last with the rest of energy the company start fire one by one employment. From almost a hundred people now left only six people. Asset of company sell gradually to back up operation cost. Practically there is no job and no any revenue as well. It is such a hard situation they are facing this moment.

What they are trying to do now absolutely difficult and seem no way out available. From our conversation I understand that company with only six guy now trying all out to survive. They are doing some breakthrough and hope a little revenue. Until yesterday the effort seem not getting things.

My friend who is being old with burden of his family describes completely sadness story. He just surrenders to the nature and just prays for his life. So considering this story that is why we are always to have good feeling of whatever we are given. Because whatever happen tomorrow is always our beyond.

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