Friday, January 12, 2007

Part Time

We all know being employment either in company or institution sometimes not a warranty for all the need fulfilled. Most of us really need a part time job to contribute extra income. By hanging only onto one job is often very risky. Not only we must tightly allocate our expense but we may in shortage budget as well. We knew so far there some teacher of high school in City still occupy in informal job. Some of them being motorcycle riders who driving passenger home. In bahasa Indonesia this kind job is called “tukang ojeg”.

Some other employment need to drop in traditional market to sell anything once his office closed. Perhaps, there are only shortlisted employments who are satisfied to their income. This group do not need part time job since their need are covered. We may call them budget free employment. In the term of economic that some employment that choose staying home instead of searching for more money indicate they already reach comfort zones.

Why this phenomenon of part time job often exists, maybe reflect the level of society welfare. The more advance a country do, the more people living in comfort zones. Our country that might represents an underdeveloped country force people to search additional job.

From the view of individual life, those who are in part time job will have less time to spend time with family. They also spend more time working than normal worker who are enough living in single job.

Unfortunately it is not easy to find just part time job. It is simple to understand that there are more unemployment people over there. Then it is lucky if someone get another job since there are more people for limited job.

One important question arise, is there more productive to let people handle double job than single one. The answer is probably not because he needs to share his energy and focuses on more activities. This often happens on government officers that their main jobs are not optimal while they even insist on other jobs for more money.

So let it be anyway since every body has their own right to fulfill the needs. Surely they are free to hunt anything kind of job while they are obliged to act along the rule.

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