Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Thing

What supposed to do when you are getting into new world, into new environment and even into new mindset. It needs years to build our values and cultures. Our mindset already shaped anyway and you must change. Yes, we often to change to involve our new role. When you graduated then get into new job you must change.

When you are single then probably you get married then you need to change. In job community often everything to change. You may first place on marketing then you are rotated to Customer Service or Public Relation. You must change otherwise you face difficulties on activities needed. As human it is required to learn many things. You are ideally not such specialized person. You are such operators that must be ready face new thing and various role. Recently I was invited to other department. I have been years working from various field of department. I have ever been marketer, a buyer, an importer, services and more. It seems that I face new thing in the job. Everything however becomes not so hard since everyone around you care. They are such good person and good team. You are anyway just required to make little modification gradually. Person understands that you need not change extremely. It is just beginning but you convince it will be fine in the future. Optimistic and spirit are important. Once you have it you are not necessary to afraid of. We may learn from our baby. Do you remember that a baby had never been worried. Once he must move he move. Then he must learn moving around, sitting and so on. Finally he should be standing, walking and running. All the things he will act so. No worries how many times he fell down he was back trying. It is nature, isn’t it. New thing is really such not magic word or situation. If we assume we can so it will be. One of the crucial steps is a spirit. If we always have spirit then we are able to start. Starting is important. So let it start in the first chance.

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