Saturday, September 06, 2008



Since Indonesian Independent Day of August 17, 1945 the country has been lead by five different presidents. History taught us that the struggle of holding the independent of nations was hard and sacrificed millions blood of Indonesian people. People had to fight against the colonial countries to stand their freedom. Under colonialism rule, there was no freedom of life. Every activity of the people had been supervised and regulated. Hard punishment would be executed to those who violent the colonials regulations. Fortunately, the people always had the high spirit and strength nationalism to consistently fight for their freedom. After it had continuously taken long struggle and fight, finally the independent day was coming. Then they were free to determine their own future.

The first president, Mr. Soekarno contributed to set up the fundamentals of the nation. He was the leader whose strong character, different personality and highly respected by other nation leaders around the world. He represented and brought along this country into more recognition of being an independent country that stood equally to other countries. History recorded his important leadership as being one of the greatest leaps of the country. Further, from the side of economic note, there had been some progress to carry out like development of agriculture. It was fair performance for the country that just started its freedom to achieve such limited achievement. They should however manage many things to do than just economic matter. The economic priority was important, but security stability was more critical to maintain at that time.

It was respectively after the first phenomenon president, there have come Mr. Soeharto, Mr. Habibie, Mr. Abdulrachman Wahid and last president that still authorize nowadays is Ms. Megawati Soekarno Putri. Mr. Soeharto himself contributed high economic growth and food self-produced for his long leadership. He set up development of agriculture and other industries. Under his authority the country had ever been rice producer in Asia. The country even exported some exceeding of rice production. Some industries also set up, like garment industry, shoes, supporting agriculture industry and simply home industry. There were also operating some manufactures like assembly industry of electronics and automotives. It was said fair achievement as well but still not sufficient enough for his length of authority of three decades. Society and people still need more achievement and mainly more infrastructures to shift the country into developed country.

The last three presidents have been bringing the country into more democratic nation. Unfortunately, since 1997 the country suffered economic crisis. It was began by most foreign loans had been overdue and United States Dollars rates run even stronger. Economic crisis felt down on government and the impact further to most domestic business. Investment was really decreased rapidly and a lot of people lost their job and occupations. Until today, more investment and more job occupancy are really needed by the people.

Meanwhile it was appearing the other event of politic, in the year 1999 the country experienced more democratic election than ever done before. And it already elected the president and vice by more democratic election. This democratic way will be again appear in the upcoming public election that will be held on April 5, 2004. This election is repeatedly hoped to achieve more success of election and born a good and smart leader. Society and people need more strong and competent leader to overcome multi dimension problems that has burden over the people for long time.

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