Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Car Modification

Nowadays modification shows increasingly either in number or in style. The more model is applied the more idea is inspired. Some people from different ages go to fight their creativities. Not only in big cities but modification attacks them in rural as well. The object of modification not merely for used car but brand new car often got its modification by owner enthusiastic. Workshop and showroom of modification parts stretches widely in some cities. The more number of cars coming the more demands for modification rose up. For them money is not merely everything but satisfaction of successful beauty car they finally find. Modification becomes interesting and impact new newspaper and magazines born to print out modification issues in its pages.

Some sources mention modification may divide into some categories. Just mention body car modification represents one of that commonly to get attention from. Some owners of car want to change model into better style or rather extreme. The body modification may involve eye catching color or change the model from its originated. Colorful paint often carried out onto the body to get more attractive in style. The color may be result of trial mixing or inspired by specific color from everywhere. The owner just come to workshop and indicates what they want. So, the rest of job will be workshop turn and the owner will pay after finish. It sometimes takes some days until months of workshop.

Plastic or Fiber material is also popular for modification. The character of material that easy to shape is consideration its widely used among the modification workshop. The fiber material may be as the built in of the model or to widen the body of the cars. These two item modification painting and plastic fiber material are most familiar among the hobbies.

Next category may be the suspension of the car. Since wheel and suspension represent the style of the car then it often being object of modification. Street car user often chose the bigger wheel size to theirs. It commonly calls minimalist style since modification just touches the foot of the cars. The suspension has it variety like gas, liquid, combine or air suspension. This often spends more expensive money since its price is pretty high. Liquid suspension is intent to most condition of the road, the gas one for more reactive maneuver, combine gas and liquid suspension is designed for its compromise while air suspension, the sophisticated one is aim to more luxury cars for more comfort.

The last category will be the engine of the cars modification. From Japanese source was mentioned that this category covering first, second and third stage. The first stage covers modification of firing system like ignites, cable and coil. The originated one is replaced by the race parts standard. The second stage further touches the exhaust system. The exhaust system from engine, header to end flow of exhaust got its modification. The design changes into race scheme. The last one will be the parts inside of the engine. Valve, spring and piston of the engine may be replaced by the more performer ones.

The aim of modification will sometimes be subjective and different from one to another. Some just want their vehicle looks more attractive, more style and more eye looking. The others may hope theirs become faster and more in performance.


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