Friday, April 16, 2010

Night Of Vi

Life goes on and you must play inside. At the moment you feel fine and another moment you fell bad. As a worker, instead you are rich, have company or big asset, you must go to work. No matter where it is, at office, city, town, rural or even farm or forest. But some of you usually work in the city, no matter small or big. What about your night life, hmm it will vary among of you. One soon goes home once the office finish. Another often goes home late even not really working the office. They may do something, chat, relax or just wait the traffic. Some other may disappear in the black night. You may goes to coffee, street, pub or some other crowded. Yes you spend time at night in the grey of pub light. Indeed you really have so many choices of releasing your energy. Being part of white collar, or even blue collar community it is not too much spending the free times as it has. Daily job, meeting, negotiation or just routine job will attack you getting old and hard.

Just mention short name, Vi is young girl you met at the pub. Not really the pub but the place providing some room for singing, dancing or other crazy night move. Vi is just 22 years old and still studying at university in the city. If you ask her why choosing job like that she just answer short, need money. What about the parent, do they provide enough money for studying, she then answer yes. You may become more curious with her short act. Well you may not be going to “investigate” or “justify” her, but back to your first willing, just spend the night with the girl, sing, dance or little drink, soft or hard, or alcohol, hmm. Time goes by and night goes black, there have been three couple really in the room, two couple is seen romantic and act kissing, holding and whatever they want. He and Vi just sit, talk, little drink and sometimes sing without dance. As you may guess easily Vi, who really sweet with long hair try to approach him. She drinks rather much and seem starting to out of control.

Hmm night goes fast and from nine PM, now already at 00 AM. When the stuff comes in and ask whether the room will terminate or extent, soon they point to extent. Two couple becomes crazier with their girl. Kissing, holding, loving and whatever they do except having sex surely. They still have little awareness anyway not to do such bad thing. Vi juts relax and rely her head down to his shoulder. She tells that long time not to drink alcohol and now, as her senior will, she must drink the night. First glass makes Vi hot, and second glass then makes her down. She soon run to lavatory and pour down all her alcohol out from her mouth. Even Vi ever been at the pub previously, being lady escort certainly, but it had been few years. Now again Ve try to apply being lady’s and apparently this night is her first presence. Vi however thank to him since he not insist her to drink alcohol, her senior did it.

Well now it seems 2 AM already and the place almost closes down. Vi’s head still laid upon his shoulder and other two couple still being crazy with their mass. But the life must goes on and tomorrow everyone must back to work. Even Vi hold him and behave such romantic but he and two other gentle must leave. It’s just the night spending with Vi and the pub.

Semarang, April, 13th

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